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Date December 30, 1998
Name DJ PAO!
Hometown Easton, PA, USA & Oslo, Norway
Comments As webmaster, DJ, artist, musician and producer, this page is one of the best!!!

Date December 30, 1998
e-Mail fyoumans (at) catskill.net
Hometown Hamden, N.Y.
Comments The page is nice. Next time there's a party in Binghamton, please drop me a line. Big up's to my boys, Brian and DJ PQ. Peace.

Date December 24, 1998
Name Shannon
e-Mail eagles_38 (at) hotmail.com
Homepage http://expage.com/page/susieq1234
Hometown Whitney Point, NY
Comments Hey Duke! Jist coming in to wish you a Merry Christmas! Hope it's a great one! Keep safe!

Date December 23, 1998
Name Mathew Scott
e-Mail DjMathewScott (at) Prodigy.net
Homepage http://wsum.wisc.edu/Mfreq/home.htm
Hometown Milwaukee. WI
Comments E-Mail me for a free demo tape!!!

Date December 23, 1998
Name D.J.Amoeba
e-Mail djamoeba (at) hotmail.com
Hometown Shawano

Date December 21, 1998
Name DJHalon
e-Mail DJHalon (at) hotmail.com
Hometown Panama City, FL
Comments Hype page!

Date December 19, 1998
Name campbell
e-Mail maccma (at) ozemail.com.au
Hometown sydney australia
Comments kewl!!

Date December 17, 1998
Name Brian Espada
e-Mail rekstar (at) mailexcite.com
Hometown East Branch, NY
Comments Yo da homepage was phat!!! Whoever reads this and wonders where in the hell is east branch? ...just drop me a line and we'll chat. peace. rekstar. future dj.

Date December 16, 1998
Name MC Andi
Hometown Stockton, England
Comments Wicked site, keep rushin and hold tight ye, respect. Shout to Gaz, Matt, Bouncy B, and Carl, sorted hold tight.

Date December 16, 1998
Name Dj Spicolli
e-Mail spicolli (at) mindspring.com
Homepage http://www.partychattanooga.com
Hometown Chatta-Boogie Tn
Comments Just dropin' by. My old personal home page had a link to your site. Working on my new page. Hope to have it up by mid January. December in the mobile business is HELL month...(but I guess that is good)........ Great Site!!!!!! I tell all the guys that work for us about your page and evryone else that's into raves ect.... Thankx...Dj Spicolli

Date December 10, 1998
Name Danielle Chevalier
e-Mail qngg (at) grove.iup.edu
Hometown Oil City
Comments Much love to all the partying crew! Bad Boy Bill rocks the house,hun? Take it easy, nice homepage.

Date December 9, 1998
Name Dave
e-Mail SCLPROD (at) aol.com
Hometown Binghamton, NY
Comments I finally made it to your page. It looks great! I hope you do my page up this good.

Date December 7, 1998
Name James
e-Mail fattymcgee (at) hotmail.com
Hometown Toronto, Canada
Comments Kick ass page! The real audios rock, but I wanna download em! Can you put them up as mp3s or something else?? That'd be soooooooo sweet.

Date December 5, 1998
Name bkLyn
e-Mail jab_4 (at) hotmail.com
Hometown Endwell, NY
Comments phat site...real audio's rule and i luv that it's chock full of eye-candy like the old site. i heard you have a new store in binghamton? true? what's the address?

Date December 3, 1998
Name Sonny Cheeto
e-Mail djcheeto (at) hotmail.com
Hometown Binghamton, NY
Comments Nothin' relly ta say, but what's up peoples!

Date November 30, 1998
Name Philly Beef (Philip)
e-Mail Hankhill22 (at) aol.com
Homepage http://cfs-inc.com
Hometown Tulsa, Oklahoma
Comments Too late for thanks giving so Merry Christmas and dont get runover when your trying to buy a furby!!!! This Web site is ___(((THE BOMB)))___

Date November 27, 1998
Name Daniel Reed
e-Mail Soulfresh (at) aol.com
Homepage http://members.aol.com/dan24sjca/
Hometown Syracuse, NY / San Jose, CA / Troy, NY
Comments Duke...Long time no see. Glad things are going well for you ! Phat page, pretty cool seein my name in print on the web <BG>. Shout outs to the old skool crew...The Soulfresh Crew (Alon, Heuy, Dave) Patrick, Flex, Jordan V, James Scott, Flex, the SKY HIGH crew (SYR)

Date November 26, 1998
Name Boywonder
Hometown Binghamton, NY
Comments Nice stuff Duke, it's cool to have upstate officially on the international map! ciao for now!!

Date November 26, 1998
Name Raver till I die
e-Mail phl (at) mailexcite.com
Hometown New York, NY
Comments yo man your mixes are bad!!!...they really kickin but too bad we can't download them in real audio, think you could fix that up and let us download them??? please? do it for a fellow raver!!!

Date November 25, 1998
Name Shannon
e-Mail Cricket1 (at) stny.lrun.com
Homepage http://expage.com/page/susieq1234
Hometown Whitney Point, NY
Comments Hey Duke! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Hope it's a great one!! Keep those tumes spinnin' Take care!!

Date November 25, 1998
Name ~SMS~
Homepage http://members.tripod.com/statti/grid2.html
Hometown Canyon Country, Ca
Comments TO KEWL >>>>hehe<<<

Date November 21, 1998
Name MP
e-Mail talla_2xlc (at) yahoo.com
Homepage http://www.come.to/technoclub
Hometown Copenhagen
Comments Yesterday i downloaded your Venga boys Remix, and it sounded pretty good. SEE YA

Date November 20, 1998
Name Happee Grrl
e-Mail km263171 (at) hvcc.edu
Homepage http://www.homestead.com/TechnoLand/StartDancing.html
Hometown albany/loudonville (kinda both)
Comments Yo, duke! Whaz up?? I'm anxiously waiting for the Bubble v2.0 picts!!! Do you know exactly when they're going up? catcha later...PLUR

Date November 17, 1998
Name joseph london
e-Mail poodie69 (at) hotmail.com
Hometown Huntsville, AL
Comments hey i'm looking for some old songs, like the johnson crew "space cowboy" and the song "the beat goes on"

Date November 16, 1998
Name Sergio
Homepage http://www2.cybercities.com/t/technoflyers/flyer.html
Hometown Madrid. Spain
Comments ole, tu web mjduke. Esta bien saber que hay mas locos de los flyers por ahi.Quien quiera ver flyers de Espańa que pinche arriba. Anyone who wants to see spanish flyers hit it upthere. bye

Date November 14, 1998
Name lucas capra
e-Mail bigmanlucas (at) hotmail.com
Hometown Santa Monica, CA
Comments Right now I'm listening to EFX summertime summertime mix, and it is the best music I've ever heard on the internet! Every song on ther is one that I know and have looked for. I especially like Sun God. thank you for letting me hear this mix, it blew my mind and made my day. :)

Date November 13, 1998
Name Scottie B
e-Mail dankmail (at) yahoo.com
Hometown Syracuse, NY
Comments Dope page, duke. mad props. props to drew and berna for bubble...see y'all at Nitro on the 14th. Everybody who likes djs look for Roli Rho of the 5th Platoon (NYC) comin to Syr. on Dec. 3. PLUR

Date November 12, 1998
Name GIMME 5
e-Mail dthousehd (at) yahoo.com
Hometown Albany, NY
Comments Duke> Just a shout out....Bubble V.2 was a phatty! The vibe was all good...Music was thumpn All the DJ's had it goin' on!!! One the best Upstate Parties I've been too. (Shout out to Nellie>Puffy>HappeeGirl>and Mercedes) Peace!

Date November 12, 1998
e-Mail tobi_kiwi (at) hotmail.com
Hometown Munich, Germany
Comments Great side! I will listen to your MP3s at home! CU Kiwi

Date November 9, 1998
Name Happee Grrl
e-Mail km263171 (at) hvcc.edu
Homepage http://www.homestead.com/TechnoLand/StartDancing.html
Hometown Loudonville
Comments Bubble 2.0 was PHAT!!! Everyone was great-the vibe WAS alive and the sets were fantastique! Thanx to Duke, all the other djs, and especially Dose!!! PLUR... P.s...does anyone know who that guy taking the pictures was? The blonde one? He took alot of pics of me and Puffy and I'm wondering if he's posting them? If you read this, camera guy, write me! (I'm the girl who had on the short bright blue wig with the sequinned pants) THANX!!

Date November 8, 1998
Name Ricky Fancher
e-Mail DjKris ig1 (at) aol.com
Hometown Binghamton, NY
Comments Thanks for the email Duke! I never made it to skyhigh that night but i'm back up north and I'll keep in touch!! From what i hear Bubble v.2 was all good vibe and good sets!! Congrats!}:-) To all the people who come out and support the underground scene in Binghamton, LOL and I know we'll all miss KELLY P.!! Do what you have to do, Duke, Kramer, Doug (Drew), and don't forget Gibby upstairs, and have fun doing it!! PLUR and mercy to all people!! -Raveride, MoonRocks Inter-Global 1

Date November 5, 1998
Name Audrie
e-Mail bg22514 (at) binghamton.edu
Hometown Binghamton, NY
Comments Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who came out to Bubble 2.0 Thanks to them we all have faith that the vibe is still alive.

Date November 5, 1998
Name puffy
e-Mail volskyk (at) yahoo.com
Hometown Cobleskill, NY
Comments mint set on halloween mj! thanx to drew and everyone responsible for making bubblev2.0 a magical night with unprecedented upstate good vibes! peace out to the alien, and visit us again!!

Date November 3, 1998
Name Reese Again!!!!
Comments I meant to say your mixes are BUMPIN'.....What up Foxy? PEA POD???? Ask Doc what happend??? I thought he was suppose to call me?

Date November 3, 1998
Name DJ Reese Tee
e-Mail ReeseTee1 (at) aol.com
Hometown Binghamton, NY
Comments Damn kid!!!! You've been bookmarked.....Not to sound sappy or soft, but seeing you develop (watching from the background) has been a inspiraton and a true honor. Your MP3 are F---in' BUMPING!!!!

Date November 2, 1998
Name myke lamb
e-Mail dr_illuminate (at) yahoo.com
Hometown Binghamton, NY
Comments phat party ( bubble) just wanted to know how much is the party in my home town on the 14 of november? how was the after hours party? take it light myke

Date November 1, 1998
Name JetMox
e-Mail JetMox90 (at) hotmail.com
Hometown Sydney, Australia
Comments This site rocks. Love the Music.

Date October 26, 1998
Name mike best
e-Mail best (at) worldpath.net
Homepage http://www.worldpath.net/~best
Hometown Wolfeboro, NH
Comments DUKE, yer site looks and sounds exceptional and getting better. I'm gonna get the real audio this week sometime when i find time and listen to your mixes. Happy Spinning, keep it real(1200's)baby!

Date October 25, 1998
Name Valkyree
e-Mail Misfit069 (at) aol.com
Hometown Utica, NY
Comments Looking forward to Bubble!

Date October 24, 1998
Name Jessica Rutkowski
e-Mail jrutkows (at) du.edu
Hometown Denver, CO

Date October 23, 1998
Name Drew Bishop
e-Mail readeye (at) yahoo.com
Homepage http://buc_ws04/futureflavour.com
Hometown Atlanta, GA
Comments just a few, > like your site and actually in process of building own. can you tell me in what way did you plug in active elements which were graphically appealing yet didn't bulk up the site? > Any other helpfull hints would be appreciated...your fellow dancefean!

Date October 20, 1998
Name Colin Latimer
Hometown Houston, TX
Comments I love partys

Date October 14, 1998
Name dave
Hometown Bay Area
Comments keep the scene alive.peace to all the dj`s

Date October 12, 1998
Name Josh (DJ Vision)
Hometown Binghamton, NY
Comments Just wanted to say what up from Lisa N. and I and phat web page.

Date October 7, 1998
Name Josh (EKG Productions)
e-Mail EKGProds (at) aol.com
Hometown Jersey
Comments Yo whats up duke, I hear you're doin the records for EKG Records... the name came from me, I started it all... lol. Everyone in binghamton check out EKG Records... for promo support call EKG Productions 973.989.6465 PeAcE Josh

Date October 6, 1998
Name DJ buddha aka myke
e-Mail dr_illuminate (at) yahoo.com
Hometown Endicott, NY
Comments phat page. i miss the parties at the bubble and here is a shout out to all the kids in binghamtom and endicott keep it real and take it light

Date October 6, 1998
Name Krissy (Keith's hottie clubgirl)
e-Mail km263171 (at) hvcc.edu
Homepage http://www.homestead.com/TechnoLand/StartDancing.html
Hometown Albany, NY
Comments Good page-hope to hear ya out again soon!

Date October 1, 1998
Name puffy
e-Mail volskyk (at) yahoo.com
Hometown Cobleskill, NY
Comments what' up in binghamton? I wish I could figure out how to get realaudio. oh well, i'll figure it out. Anyways, hope your around, mj, to spin @ the next few bubble events. See u there, with my hottie clubgrrl, krissy!!

Date September 30, 1998
Name april
Hometown hollister
Comments this site is hella cool i loved checking it out

Date September 28, 1998
Name Cheech
e-Mail JohnP666 (at) aol.com
Hometown Greene, NY
Comments Sup Duke? Great page. See ya around. PLUR

Date September 23, 1998
Name Liz Torok
e-Mail mslizzyt (at) cgocable.net
Hometown Fonthill Ontario, Canada
Comments I love dance music etc but i hope to get past this page so i can see & hear it on my computer. I'm working on it. See ya, mslizzyt.

Date September 23, 1998
Name Philly Wartena
e-Mail pxhxixl (at) aol.com
Hometown Bay Area
Comments one.two. oh my god!

Date September 22, 1998
Name chemsonic
e-Mail polynaut (at) aol.com
Hometown Ventura, CA
Comments nice-- there can never be too many cool pages like yours that further the scene. max kudos!!! :)

Date September 21, 1998
Name Doc Wells
e-Mail LTown123 (at) aol.com
Hometown Orlando via Binghamton via Ithaca

Date September 20, 1998
Name Rick Fancher
e-Mail mr_ig (at) hotmail.com
Hometown Binghamton, NY
Comments Nice job on the page DUKE!! Keep producing the good vibes and I hope to see more parties with big venues like last year! LOL to you, Jordan, and Drew :-P Remember: "...we're all people in this world searching for the perfect beat!" PLUR from DJ Kris (me), Raveride Recordings, MoonRocks Inter-global, and the B.B.T.T.F. Alexandria Bay, NY

Date September 20, 1998
Name Cyre
e-Mail eric.henry.dallek (at) nwn.de
Hometown Oldenburg
Comments A great page! The best techno-site i've ever seen! Go & RAVE ON!

Date September 14, 1998
Name Justin S.
e-Mail jupiter (at) stny.lrun.com
Hometown Endicott, NY
Comments Hey duke, hell of a site. I listen to the slammin' realaudio mixes when Im surfin the web and I must say that they are the dopest beats I've ever heard. This is one of the coolest sites out there. PEACE OUT!!!

Date September 11, 1998
Name travis shipley
e-Mail tshipley (at) eng.utoledo.edu
Hometown Dayton, OH
Comments i dig your site a lot i have been stuck here for hours and there is probabley a lot more to do but why???

Date September 8, 1998
Name Sean Mason aka DJ Wish
e-Mail DJWish (at) juno.com
Homepage http://www.angelfire.com/wi/HouseNation
Hometown Chatt-e, TN
Comments Just to all who read this, I hope that one day it would be possible to meet everyone in a big party gathering. Hopefully some day it will happen.... Peace...

Date September 2, 1998
e-Mail sweetme053 (at) aol.com
Hometown Whitney Point, NY
Comments Hey Duke! I'm the one who was talking with you about the baby pictures contest. It was a fun chat. Feel free to email me if you want. Nice site! Take care!

Date August 31, 1998
Name Jerry Dillard
e-Mail cdillard (at) nationalelectrical.com
Hometown Gulfport, MS

Date August 19, 1998
Name I work I with your sister
e-Mail ehaefner (at) us.ibm.com
Hometown New York, NY
Comments Hey - I work with your sister and she sent me to this page. Very cool stuff here. One of the coolest web sites I have ever seen.

Date August 15, 1998
Name Atila
e-Mail aarel (at) gte.net
Hometown Istanbul
Comments Nice site :) I liked your work and i hope i can listen to you live. The rave seen in the US has picked up quite a bit (which i'm glad to see) and hopefully in time it will catchup with Europe. Do me a favour and mail me if you play around LA ! keep up the good work

Date August 13, 1998
Name Eric Meehl
e-Mail ric (at) sofnet.com
Hometown Joplin, MO
Comments The Roland Team and it's supply line is top..

Date August 11, 1998
Name David Rankin
e-Mail jacobsladder (at) mailcity.com
Hometown New Orleans, LA
Comments The page is nice, really would like one of my own, have many acid trax to let the world hear....

Date August 11, 1998
Name Wanch
e-Mail SWnch (at) aol.com
Hometown Johnson City, NY
Comments Hey Duke! Its been awhile. Nice job on the page. Keep up the good work!

Date July 30, 1998
Name Damon
e-Mail pdcartwright (at) mindspring.com
Hometown Atlanta, GA
Comments KEEP SPINNING THE MIX!! Come Rave Some More in The South

Date July 19, 1998
Name Luna
e-Mail luna9 (at) hotmail.com

Date July 18, 1998
Name andrew
e-Mail acoreiv (at) aol.com
Hometown Binghamton, NY
Comments the page looks great glat the pictures of MENTAL came out (I'm the one that took them for you, incase you dont remember me). Keep it live...

Date July 13, 1998
Name Derek Wiegers
e-Mail MgcDaw (at) bellsouth.net
Homepage http://www.hauntedtours.com
Hometown Key West, FL
Comments Good to see Binghamton is still on the map....

Date July 7, 1998
Name Mike D
e-Mail OODeeznutz (at) aol.com
Homepage http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Towers/8017
Hometown Binghamton, NY
Comments 'Sup Duke!! Any new trax commin' up? "The Knowledge" still gets a spot in my playlist from time to time :) Just wanted to say hi! -Mike

Date June 23, 1998
Name ginka!
e-Mail djginka (at) aol.com
Hometown Chicago

Date June 18, 1998
Name John
Hometown Bel Air

Date June 16, 1998
e-Mail lambi_killer (at) hotmail.com
Homepage http://www.angelfire.com/ok/GALLIEN
Hometown Sweden

Date June 16, 1998
Name scott pagnani
e-Mail KINGMASER1 (at) hotmail.com
Hometown old bethpage

Date June 1, 1998
Name Dave
e-Mail snoword (at) aol.com
Homepage http://www.rit.edu/~dlh9984/index.html
Hometown Johnson City, NY
Comments Airport Road Crew..nice site i would like to see the sites of binghamton colaborate and get the word out of whats goin on.....peace

Date May 21, 1998
Name Carlos Daniel lopez Miramontes
e-Mail chakra_7 (at) hotmail.com
Homepage http://members.tripod.com/~coks/chakra7/index.html
Hometown Guadalajara, jalisco, mexico
Comments soy miembro de una organizacion llamada CHAKRA-7 en guadalajara mexico. nos gustaria que nos enviaran informacion hacerca de su situacion de eventos y mas que nada de d.j. que quieran tocar por aca. la pagina es buena, la seccion de flyers tambien. eso es todo y espero nos contesten pronto. adios

Date May 7, 1998
Name Trevor
e-Mail jkbarrie (at) earthlink.net
Hometown Novato, CA
Comments It's cool to know that the "techno scene" is coming around here in the US. In europe it's huge!

Date May 4, 1998
Name Jason Cornelius
Homepage http://www.raver.com
Hometown Denver, CO
Comments this page is cool and I am glad that ravers and raves are being recognized around the net.

Date May 1, 1998
Name Celeste
e-Mail Djsparkle (at) hotmail.com
Homepage http://www.angelfire.com/in/DJSparkle
Hometown Madison, WI
Comments Very cool. Keep up the trax. I am a chick who loves to spin but needs the help of other genius's to do it. Please send me any info. Also are you coming to The Chicago area anytime soon? Thanks. DJ Sparkle

Date April 28, 1998
Name carlos garcia lascurain
e-Mail carloslasc (at) hotmail.com
Hometown Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico

Date April 25, 1998
e-Mail trancelott (at) aol.com
Homepage http://members.aol.com/trancelott/TRANCELOTT2.html
Hometown Orlando, FL
Comments Killer page!

Date April 24, 1998
Name Clancy (Claudine Townley)
e-Mail LTOWN123 (at) aol.com
Hometown Orlando, FL
Comments Just out surfing and came acrossed your site. Thought I'd take a second to say hello. Things are going well here. We'll be home at the end of May; maybe we'll see ya then!

Date April 21, 1998
Name Charles
e-Mail lordOdin (at) goplay.com
Hometown Cobleskill, NY
Comments Phat page, saw you at a little somethin' somethin' last weekend. Looking forward to visiting your club on Sunday after April Foolz. Maybe I'll see you there. Peace to the Binghamton crowd.

Date April 14, 1998
Name Christopher Craze
e-Mail craze (at) gte.net
Homepage http://www.pinellas.com/~ufo/ufo/craze.htm
Hometown St. Pete
Comments Just surfing through , between productions , thought I'd say hi! Peace ,Craze Maybe we could exchange tapes or CD's.........

Date April 13, 1998
Name Jilly Katzman
e-Mail jilly (at) nycap.rr.com
Hometown Albany, NY

Date April 11, 1998
Name Alicia Nelson
Hometown Cottage Grove, MN
Comments This page is pretty funkadelic, if you know what I'm saying.

Date April 6, 1998
Name DJ K
e-Mail Dreissk (at) aol.com
Hometown San Francisco, CA
Comments I'm always on the lookout for new tracks and it looks like I've found another one that kicks ass.

Date April 4, 1998
Name Lizzy
e-Mail Liz1977 (at) hotmail.com
Hometown Veltem-city (Belgium-Europe)
Comments i like it.. which is good.. i hardly ever sign guestbooks ;-) i could scan some european flyers for you to check them out .. there's my e-mail.. ask for them if you are interested

Date April 2, 1998
e-Mail bugfreak20 (at) yahoo.com
Hometown Binghamton/NYC
Comments Binghamton is just taking off on its journey into the "other world"...lets keep things real: PLUR...

Date March 24, 1998
Hometown Dover
Comments Where the trees at?

Date March 18, 1998
Name Stosh
Hometown Middletown, NY
Comments I go to school in Delhi so I'm hoping on making it to one of your upcoming parties.

Date March 13, 1998
Name Frank J. Valencia
e-Mail frank37 (at) worldnet.att.net
Homepage http://wwp.mirabilis.com
Hometown Binghamton, NY
Comments Duke - It worked like a charm, thanxxx, see you down at the "dog" one of these day's.

Date March 11, 1998
Name Will Hatch
e-Mail TBHatch (at) webtv.net
Hometown Pilot Point, TX
Comments You Rule!

Date March 7, 1998
Name Greg Shugal
e-Mail vfmashugal (at) rocketmail.com
Comments Phat Page! Went to 2 of the raves listed; Venus in NYC and Blackout 2 in NYC.

Date March 5, 1998
Name casey verdieck
e-Mail cverdick.wsunix.wsu.edu
Hometown Seattle, WA
Comments mjDuke you have some cool sites on your page. This was one of the few sites I've found with visuals.

Date March 1, 1998
Name Mike G
e-Mail mike-g (at) thepump.com
Homepage http://www.thepump.com
Hometown tashkent
Comments Biggup ya'll.

Date February 22, 1998
Name Orange
e-Mail djorange (at) hotmail.com
Hometown Somers, NY
Comments Great site man. Upstate unite. Look out for "Our House" from Circle of Friends in Oswego, NY on April 25th [9pm-7am] $10 - two rooms. DJ's include: Flex, Highlander, Skywalker, Orange, Gu3, Briske (live PA), plus about 10 more. Lots of Trance and lots of jungle, w/everything else mixed in - Free water and candy all night- Give us a call @ 914.321.1448 or email us. Later. Keep 'em fun and keep 'em real.

Date February 13, 1998
Name Agust Pina
e-Mail pinaagus (at) msu.edu
Hometown Flushing, MI
Comments Everybody in the E.Lansing area should defenitely come check out PINN at the Small Planet on FEB.20

Date February 6, 1998
Name m.j.DUKE
e-Mail dj (at) mjDUKE.com
Homepage http://www.mjDUKE.com
Hometown Johnson City, NY
Comments Offline for one day out of 365, not bad! We're back up and rocking now with RealAudio! Online tapes coming soon!

Date January 30, 1998
Name Mark A. Polakovich
e-Mail Stagewood (at) aol.com
Hometown Charlotte, NC
Comments Come in here dear boy have a cigar, you're gonna go far! Hey Duke just checking out your webpage, like the bones (dice), nice touch. Keep up the good work. Like a midget at a urinal stay on your toes!!!! See ya, Mark

Date January 14, 1998
Name Valerie Rose
e-Mail LuShVibEz (at) aol.com
Homepage http://members.aol.com/lushvibez/
Hometown RocHA-ChA NY
Comments hey duke its Valerie from Rochester. We haven't talked since October, so I hope you still remember me. Give the LushVibez Unit infoline a call 716.234.0268. We're throwing our virgin funktion in March and we'd love to have you out here. To all the Upstate Kids keep the vibe alive, it ain't about the BENJAMinZ its all about the sOuL and SpIRit oF thE ScenE. One LOVE, PLUR keeps us 3 steps ahead.

Date January 13, 1998
Name John Kidwell
e-Mail rwrites5 (at) net.com
Hometown Corsicana, TX
Comments Say man I sure loved the site, and im sure its going to get even better. I also loved the sample you had. Keep up the good work. PEACE OUT!!!

Date January 5, 1998
Name John Graham
Comments Hey hey.

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