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Link www.onic.cjb.net
Info  Info on onic.. graf-x...links...pics.. and much more

Link www.pleasurehead.cjb.net
Info  Info about DJ Pleasure Head including upcoming events, sounds, links, booking info and much much more.

Link www.technobot.cjb.net
Info  all the info on the toronto rave scene...with the most complete event listing as well as realaudio/mp3's of local dj's

Link www.cnsp.com/jacob/
Info  Techno and trip hop music reviews and a brief history of techno.

Link www.liii.com/~phantasm/
Info  nyc-raves upcoming events & weeklies more than just NYC & long island. Now venturing into the entire north east.

Link www.erave.org
Info  Electronic music/culture web experience.

Link www.cflraves.org
Info  Massif Real Audio...full sets from sasha, digweed, PVD, Dieselboy, Dara, Craze, Dave Seamen and much MUCH more!! click the audio button!!

Link www.angelfire.com/fl2/bup
Info  Florida's top party site. Party info, Real Audio, Message Boards, Photos, News, Links, and home of the cflraves mailing list!!!

Link www.geocities.com/goodwitchrave
Info  Site for Rave Information about New England, NY, PA, and NJ raves for partie kids and promoters.

Link www.electricjoy.com
Info  Maine based promotional company of Joyful Productions. This site is for the promotion of our local DJs and producers using web broadcasting (Real Audio), and up and coming events and weeklies here in Maine. We have free Electric Joy E-mail for everyone too!!

Link www.verticalrecords.com
Info  absolutly mental dj's/producer's/promoter's from new york

Link www.raveindex.com
Info  The ultimate rave link index on the web!

Link www.marsgraf-x.com
Info  Mars Graf-x 5.0. Five years of out of this world designs. Providing the electronic music community with some of the most intense flyer designs to date.

Link www.djextreme-holland.somewhere.net
Info  Only House music <<< Techno/Trance/Club >>> and, More.

Link www.space.revolving.org
Info  dj dave space mixes / tracks mostly house/hardhouse with some tech & breaks

Link www.tripod.com/~wizrab/rapage1.html
Info  Wizrab's Radical Real Audio Jukebox with over 475 Kick-Ass tunes to listen to while surfing our webpage. Weekly updates - WebTV compatible.

Link www.harmonic-mixing.com
Info  Info on mixing in key (harmonically) to produce pleasing blends instead of sour (disharmonic) mixes.

Link www.angelfire.com/ny3/yakoomarktwo
Info  My Homepage, Info, and Samples. Check it out. Decent Techno and Hip-Hop cross-genres.

Link www.retrosynth.com
Info  Pics, info, docs, and utilities for synths ranging from the Moog Memorymoog to the Roland JD-800 to the Akai series drum machines and samplers.

Link www.autoxtc.com
Info  Complete automotive xtc....You bidyour price!

Link i.am/HUGEzine
Info  HUGE! *underground rave magazine* A very REAL look into the NYC-based rave scene and the music that brings us all together brought to you by two ravers livin' tha life 24-7. Lots of photos, stories, humor, raver Q&As, reviews of mixtapes/CDs 'n shit, NYC-area party info, rave message boards, interactive survey form, people wearing really big pants, and ill ravah slang all over da place yo... werd.

Link exetera-etc.theshoppe.com
Info  don't miss the official online shoppe of liTTle miSS bUsiNeSS featuring: GLOW-IN-THE-DARK T-SHIRTS that say E=MDMA; FAUX FUR PIPE POUCHES; PSYCHEDELIC FUR LEGWARMERS; and other TRIPPY STUFF...

Link www.autoxtc.com
Info  Your complete automotive accessories site. U-bid the prices!

Link www.spk4u.com
Info  Rave Flyer Design. 2D, 3D. Any size. Look forward to working in constant contact and web-psoted updates for quick decision making and adjustment. Work until your happy

Link www.mp3.com/djvain
Info  A decent variety of techno, house, electronica, and a little jungle. Come download a couple of my mp3's free and give me some feedback on my music.

Link www.vapourspace.com
Info  home page of Mark Gage(i.e. Vapourspace, Cusp, Knob rec.) Real audio & video plugs, and more...

Link etproductions.cjb.net
Info  You are about to enter a world of giving & caring individuals who want nothing but to see people dancing, smiling, bonding, and having a good time through the sounds of the underground. We are a diverse family of DJ's & Producers in the true underground scene. We classify ourselves as a humble family who do not need to make it big or become superstars!! It's not in our blood to take the spotlight. The spotlight is on you, the partygoers who really can make a difference. Without you, the world where true harmony exists can never be created. WE believe that there is a place where this harmony lies. WE will try with all of our hearts to make this harmony breathe. WE are the new wave, the new talent, the new performers. WE are EclecTech Productions .... PROMOTIONS - DJ BOKINGS - INFOWEBSITE - INFOLINE

Link www.phfft.com
Info  Rave flyer designer in Toronto - click on the "artistic" section from the main page to see the latest designs. Dj Frisky's latest Realaudio mix (happy and trance core) available off the main menu aswell!

Link groovenet.dhs.org
Info  Groovenet provides an event calendar for the Upstate area, as well as listings for Toronto and Pittsburgh. Also features message boards, DJ profiles, chat and a poll.

Link move.to/mystery
Info  Seeking for free MP3 files? On this free site quality mellow & trance MP3 tracks for easy download.

Link mypage.goplay.com/psykotik/
Info  No explanation needed.....just check it out..

Link members.tripod.com/~ChannelLive
Info  Dj Draze's NEW Channel~Live Website!

Link www.anglefire.com/biz3/era003
Info  check out this phat site all the way from space city//art and design

Link www.torontoraves.cjb.net
Info  Toronto Rave Scene is dedicated to showcasing information on upcoming and recent raves. PLUR!

Link members.xoom.com/JoeSlim/main1.html
Info  Nice lil site that has free fonts, graphics, links, bio's and articles on house music and the begining of house music.

Link www.ravelink.com
Info  Sup peeps!! Heres alil idea, how southern california rave be like!! Much luv to all ravers. "Keep On RAVIN" \'/ ^ 'v'

Link www.members.tripod.com/jrb_4/
Info  A place for Mp3's, Real Audio, and a bunch more.

Link www.angelfire.com/biz3/mfrsbreakdancing/index.html
Info  a hype breakdancing site of our crew m.f.r!!

Link www.mp3.com/KYNT
Info  free mp3 downloads, real audio, pics and much more.....dance and house links

Link www.greg2hype.cjb.net/
Info  Greg 2 hype productions

Link www.jtronic.com
Info  Jtronic is all about great electronic music. We are very picky about who we invite to the site and we are run by electronic music composers of various genres. Three of the groups have been on compilation CDs with over 100,000 copies distributed each!

Link www.GeoCities.com/CollegePark/Field/1117
Info  ...+.Graphic Intensive.+...

Link www.sonicfoundry.com
Info  Digital DJ Tools such as ACID.

Link pigforce.warande.net/blueroom
Info  This site is dedicated to drum and bass. Lots of Real Audio, mixes, samples and reviews of newest 12 inches!

Link www.djmr.com
Info  Online Dance Music Store

Link www.angelfire.com/ca2/RAVEgerlies
Info  upcoming raves in central kali.....and stuff about me

Link members.tripod.com/~JoeSlim/JoeSlim.htm
Info  if ya wanna get good pic,textures,fonts for your sites and wanna get the latest on rave culture come check me out i also have a weekly updated top 10 chart. pics of myself and friends

Link www.oswego.edu/~psprague
Info  Graphic Design

Link www.chaishop.com
Info  This is one phat site! A one stop shop for all you wanted to know about the cosmic world of the global psychedelic trance scene. Lots of info on parties, psy trance and loads of other stuff. If you're into the underground psychedelic trance scene, this one is for you. PLUR!

Link www.third-eye.org.uk/
Info  Info on raves and psychedelic parties happening in America and other parts of the world. Plus info on psy trance and the trance underground.

Link www.shiva-space-technology.de/
Info  Dedicated to the cosmic dream dancers and all the happy people from the world of psychedelic trance. Info on the latest releases in the world of psy trance and loads of other psyc stuff.

Link www.javanet.com/~ctvibe
Info  former hardcore raver who wants to bring back the vibe in CT and surrounding areas. site is undergoing a facelift, so check back soon!

Link www.trancedomain.com
Info  internet live radio station.d.j.'s and artist are welcome to submit there tapes or cd's for airing

Link www.angelfire.com/on/elektrowerks
Info  electronic audio, samples, and files from the underground

Link www.freeyellow.com/members6/TICProductions
Info  DJ's, Music, Events, etc....

Link www.TheSourceNY.com
Info  Designer discount apparel, accessories, high tech tech gadgets, swiss time, off the wall goodies, private label merchandising...anything is possible. The world is your oyster!

Link home.pacific.net.sg/~lair
Info  Cool site!

Link www.hyperreal.org/~gruvnkim
Info  Scene Not Herd - a non-profit magazine about electronic music and culture. Get involved!

Link www.yesic.com/~locomoco/
Info  Real Audio Clips of some of the best Trance, House, Tech-House, and Progressive Muzic.

Link www.hyperreal.com
Info  Phat site with lots of REAL AUDIO dj sets. Also rave culture and dj equipment. You have to check this out. Have fun :-)

Link www.evolving.org
Info  The evolving project in it's current form is a large collection of artists from around the globe, offering thier music.

Link members.tripod.com/~JoeSlim/CLUBKID3.html
Info  rave culture, dj's, pics for flyer and webpages.

Link www.protocolbeats.com
Info  Real Audio DJ Mixes, 12" Reviews, Free CD and Mix Tape Contests!

Link www.stud.arch.ethz.ch/~srlemmer/
Info  Just for some strange graphics...

Link www.zcoglow.com
Info  Get your glowsticks here!

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